Brinner – Breakfast round the clock

Brinner – Breakfast round the clock

A fusion of breakfast and dinner

We're all familiar with brunch, but what about brinner? It already sounds a little more exciting – and this new trend word made up of breakfast and dinner more than lives up to its name. It represents the perfect blend of breakfast and dinner.

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But it's far too short in the context of everyday life. Slurping a quick coffee in the morning, grabbing a croissant for on the go or eating your muesli in front of the office computer are hardly the best options for a balanced and relaxed breakfast ahead of a stressful day. Only at weekends do we take time to enjoy a lazy breakfast or brunch at a trendy cafe.

Brinner is much more practical! The portmanteau, which fuses breakfast and dinner, gives you the green light to eat classic breakfast dishes at virtually any time of the day. However, this doesn't mean sitting in front of the TV with a muesli bowl and your tracksuit bottoms, nonchalantly shovelling cornflakes into your mouth instead of eating a proper evening meal.

Brinner marries two meals and represents a top-notch culinary feast. Similar to brunch, brinner involves fusing dishes typical of both mealtimes.

You can now relish the opportunity to enjoy French toast, scrambled eggs with bacon, pancakes or porridge for dinner. If you would usually have a coffee or hot chocolate with your breakfast, why not try these dishes with a glass of wine or champagne by night.

Brinner doesn't mean breakfast on one side of the plate and something savoury on the other. Instead it fuses both to create an entirely new dish. We're talking about vegetables in your muesli bowl, eggs, rocket and bacon on your sweet waffles, and croissants topped with melted cheese and filled with avocado and salmon.

The most important meal of the day – and night

Breakfast and even brunch are often squeezed into a fixed time slot. More recently, however, creative chefs have been allowing themselves the freedom to create culinary fusions without specific daytime limitations. Hence brinner was born.

In the larger cities in America and in trendy London, there are numerous eateries offering what we would typically class as breakfast until late in the evening. There are also a number of restaurants in Switzerland that at least serve breakfast into the afternoon, however the trend for brinner is yet to catch on here. But I think we'd all agree that there's nothing better than feasting on homemade food from the comfort of your own home, right? 

Brinner: A breakfast voyage around the world

As with brunch, foreign influences and international foods are increasingly playing a role in the popularity of brinner. The US classic, eggs Benedict, is just as popular as pho, a Vietnamese breakfast soup made with beef, chicken or vegetables, which not only brightens up an early morning but also brings an extra shot of energy to the evening. Shakshuka is currently also gaining in popularity and has featured in countless social media posts. This hearty egg dish, which is traditionally served for breakfast in Israel, is perfect as a warm brinner.  

Other brinner recipes

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