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A Recipe for Every Occasion: Cooking Ideas from FOOBY

Cooking or baking? Quick and easy for after work or a full blown dinner party? Substantial or light? Summer or winter? Here you’ll always find the right recipes no matter when and for whom you cook. Recipe categories are clearly organised and you can quickly find the latest FOOBY recommendations. A search bar at the top of the page makes finding FOOBY recipes as easy as possible. There you can freely look for what you had in mind (since we don’t want to send you on a culinary world tour if all you’re in the mood for is a fresh salad). Thinking of using up those ripe avocados? Want to get an overview of desserts or recipes with quinoa? The practical search function helps you find the perfect recipe in seconds. Your hunger will soon be history.

What’s the Source of Your Inspiration? Search Recipes Online by Category

Not really sure what you want to cook and looking for inspiration? Wander around the site to your heart’s content, with or without a plan. To help you to get oriented, we’ve divided our collection of recipes into the most popular categories for you. Here’s where you’ll find recipe ideas for appetisers, cakes and pies, salads, smoothies, or soups at a glance. When you’re cooking for a guest who suffers from food intolerances or has special requirements, it’s not always easy to find a dish that still delivers flavour. That’s why we’ve organised categories for every conceivable nutritional concept, from low carb to gluten-free to vegan to lactose-free. Even if you just want to enjoy a balanced diet, we guarantee you’ll find healthy recipes you didn’t already know.

If you’ve planned a themed evening and need some cooking ideas for one of the courses, our country categories are designed to provide just the right fit for your meal planner. So if you’re looking for a Mexican starter, a Thai main course, or an Italian dessert, we’ve got the perfect addition to your menu that is sure to wow your guests. Of course, you’ll also find a large collection of Swiss recipes in FOOBY’s country categories. If you’re craving a taste of home, why not go for a Swiss sausage salad, crispy rösti or a savoury cheese fondue – is there anything more comforting?

Seasonal Recipes: Ideas from the New Year to Christmas

Our seasonal recipes represent yet another helpful main category when searching for something specific. After all, some ingredients such as fresh cabbage, wild garlic, asparagus, or chanterelles aren’t available year round. Not to mention that in winter we gravitate towards substantial, fattier foods – safely far away from swimsuit season! – while in warm, summer weather, we’re happy with lighter fare. With just a click of the mouse you'll find a wide variety of dishes and snacks that will warm your heart and belly when the snow is howling outside or provide a welcome cooling down when it’s 30 degrees.

When those special times of year come around, whether New Year’s, Christmas, or the grilling season, we have a separate subpage of delicacies to match the theme. By the way, if you fancy learning about food science or food preparation methods, the FOOBY Cookery School is there to help. You’ll find everything you need to know about meat, fish, grains, and vegetables in the Food Glossary, whereas step by step instructions on how to cook, from blanching to sautéing, can be found in the Cooking Know-How section. So you can succeed in preparing even the most sophisticated recipes.

Recipes from FOOBY: On the Lookout for New Food Trends

Looking for new cooking ideas? Then have a leisurely look at our Recipe Highlights. Here’s where you’ll find dish after dish of sweet treats, modern twists on classic dishes (we just have to say: Alpine One Pot!), as well as a collection of food trends from across the world. How would you fancy a Hawaiian poke bowl, for example? Ceviche with scallops? Pulled chicken burrito? Zoodles all’arrabbiata? Or a sinfully elegant naked cake with berries? Can’t decide? Not a problem. Luckily, there are 365 days in a year. And with these yummy FOOBY recipes, there’s time to put everything on the table. The only thing missing will be boredom. Have fun cooking, eating, and enjoying!

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