Valentine’s Day recipes
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Valentine’s Day recipes

Whether breakfast in bed or a three-course meal, these recipes come from the heart

The best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach: this phrase has rung true for centuries, and for good reason. For both novice cooks and foodies alike, a candlelit dinner on this special day is a meaningful and romantic gesture. While there is no need for a special occasion to cook something romantic for your loved one, there are a number of things that you can do to make this particular meal stand out. The 14th of February has long been renowned as the day of love and with that in mind, we have gathered some special Valentine’s Day recipes to make sure all goes according to plan.


Last but not least, the love of food is an important relationship that will last a lifetime. Our favourite recipes do a lot more than connect us to custom, culture and tradition, but a familiar taste can also mean home and security for many. Trying out new recipes and exotic ingredients can also be a lot of fun. Perhaps your new culinary experiment will soon become your favourite dish. Whether sticking to what you know or trying out something new, sharing culinary delights with someone else is a real joy in life.

As far as Valentine’s Day recipes go, why not try out ingredients such as champagne, chilli, oysters, chocolate, pistachios, parsley or coffee – these foods are all known to have an «aphrodisiac» effect. They contain essential oils or aromatic compounds that stimulate the metabolism. Every good chef incorporates the art of seduction into their cooking.


Valentine's Day menus

Check out our delicious recipe suggestions for a romantic dinner for two. You can use the Valentine’s Day menu configurator to put together your own menu, or simply pick one of our suggested menus with a single click – then all you need to do is buy your ingredients and get cooking. Valentine’s Day has never been easier!

A Dinner for Valentine’s Day: More Recipes for a Special Menu

Are you the type who opts for ready-made sauces and therefore do not dare to embark on a four-course meal? Fear not, we also have suggestions for Valentine’s Day recipes that are quick and easy to prepare – including starters, main courses and desserts:

An apéro or a starter in less than 30 minutes? No problem! Salads are always a quick starter to prepare, leaving you with more time and energy for the main course.

The main course is the most important component of any meal. In order to make one that dazzles your guest, you do not need to be a star chef in the kitchen. How about, for example, some pappardelle pasta with a delicious salmon mousse and some light red wine to toast? In case you are no expert in wines, don’t worry, most of our recipes include a wine recommendation from Mondovino.

With regard to dessert, «sweetness is essential» is our motto for the final course. Contrary to popular belief, dessert should not always require a lot of effort. For example, to create a Pavlova, all you need to do is stir together egg white, sugar, a pinch of salt and a dash of vinegar for less than 15 minutes and pop it in the oven. As soon as the dessert is taken out of the oven, simply garnish it with perhaps some melted dark chocolate, nuts or fruit. Muffins are also a good choice and are a smart option if you want to bake the dessert the night before. Serve them alongside some vanilla ice cream and you have yourself a delectable dessert. This way, you’ll have all the more time to snuggle up together and get cosy. In case you care to up the level of romance, you can get a heart-shaped muffin tin for an added touch.

Valentine’s Day recipes for a romantic start to the day

Our Valentine’s Day recipes are not just suited to a romantic dinner for two, but we also have some small delicacies in mind that will bring plenty of romantic joy. Our heart-shaped Valentines scones are always the perfect sweet gesture. The traditional English tea time snack is a truly delicious snack when combined with jam and cream, but also as a sweet bite to eat in bed.

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