A coming-together of the Swiss culinary scene

For eleven days, the city on the Limmat played the perfect host to the second edition of «FOOD ZURICH». The festival, presented by FOOBY, provided the ultimate proof of how perfectly tradition and innovation can go hand in hand. Zurich's gastronomic scene demonstrated its flair at 150 events. The rising stars of the culinary world showcased highly innovative food trends, while established pros gave an impressive demonstration of how award-winning chefs work their magic in the kitchen. Creative workshops, such as joint cookery sessions with our food bloggers in the FOOBY Kitchen, provided inspiration for every foodie.

We at FOOBY visited all the hotspots and are keen to show you the highlights of this year's «FOOD ZURICH».

FOOBY highlights video from FOOD ZURICH 2017.

«FOOD ZURICH 2017» kicked off with an extravagant opening party at the Jelmoli Food Market. Visitors were amazed by the food tasting sessions from the kitchens of Zurich's 5-star hotels Dolder Grand, Baur au Lac, Park Hyatt, Hotel Storchen and Widder Hotel, and were also treated to exquisite macaroons, local wines, modern cocktail creations and much more besides.

Naturally, we weren't going to miss the big feast and we worked our way through all the delicacies on offer. Meanwhile, some visitors came over all sporty and attempted to mix a smoothie using only their own muscle strength while seated on a bike. We preferred to spoil our guests at the FOOBY stand with a rustic culinary delight – our bright blue potato salad, garnished with a delicious burger and blue potato crisps.

The epicurean delights of the evening were later capped off by the lavish dessert buffet, served by the chefs from Zurich's five-star hotels. The culinary event was overseen by Radio24 presenter Dominik Widmer and the hip DJ Skor.

The FOOBY Kitchen – Voyages of culinary discovery

Surrounded by the sea of lights of the Street Food Festival, the fully-equipped FOOBY Kitchen – the centrepiece of «FOOD ZURICH» –  was the setting for tastings, philosophizing and, of course, plenty of cooking. Over seven evenings, the lucky winners of our Facebook prize draw were taken on culinary voyages of discovery by our bloggers Nadja, Lauren and Esther. After the group cooking sessions, all the menus prepared were laid out on a long table, for people to dip in at their leisure.

Simple family food

For Nadja, it was all about simple family food, which by no means precludes cooking up a wonderful 5-course menu. After some quick refreshments, the participants' kids couldn't wait to roll up their sleeves. They donned their somewhat oversized FOOBY aprons and helped out enthusiastically with the chopping, preparing, steaming and frying. Full of smiles, they then chose fried mozzarella balls as their new favourite snack. 

Vegan delights

Lauren also created a terrific atmosphere in the Fooby Kitchen. Over a small glass of kumquat champagne, the kitchen team mused over all kinds of plant-based products and a more conscious lifestyle – and in committed vegan Lauren, had a true expert on hand to do some cooking. During the group cookery sessions, guests had the opportunity to discover for themselves how easily animal products can be replaced in soups, dips or desserts. And above all, how utterly delicious the dishes taste!

As was the case at all the events, our handy FOOBY app was in constant use. Referring to the recipes that are available online, the chefs could be sure not to forget any ingredients – without inadvertently leaving the raw cakes to melt in a 300 degree oven. To sum up the successful evening: as well as being on trend, vegan dishes also taste great.

Leaf to Root – «Spurned» vegetables in the spotlight

Esther, publisher of the well-known «Leaf to Root» cookery book, amazed the audience with ingeniously simple dishes. It was all about the oft-shunned parts of vegetables such as carrot and radish leaves and melon skins or pea pods. Using prepared tasting portions, she convincingly demonstrated to the workshop participants how fantastic these taste!

Melon skins, but also broccoli leaves, papaya seeds and fennel leaves introduced the guests to a whole new world of flavours. Afterwards, we were all in agreement: roots, seeds and vegetable leaves have all earned a place on our domestic plates in future.

Closing party – Soul food meets soul sound

At the closing party of «FOOD ZURICH 2017», in the halls of the Engrosmarkt, the city once again displayed its most spectacular culinary side. Over a period of eleven days, visitors had eaten, celebrated and cooked together. In Hall 1, they came to browse a host of stands, most of them run by local makers. Starting with the finest «bean to bar» chocolate and including everything from venison sausage to fine spirits, there were lots of tasting opportunities.

In Hall 2, outstanding soul food was served, accompanied by the smooth sounds of DJ icon Skor. At the «FOOBY Kitchen» station we once again treated the visitors, who had turned up in their hordes, to our delicious blue potato salad. But the crispy «Coeur de boeuf tomato tarte flambée» and the «Chioggia beetroot» carpaccio – prepared using local ProSpecieRara ingredients –  also proved a hit with our guests.

As well as our specialities, the «Thai Bite» trio also proved extremely popular at the closing party. Visitors were happy to queue for the three little snacks. 

However, the wonderful «bubble waffles» were another real eye-opener: happily the dessert, a popular street food in Hong Kong, has now arrived in Zurich. Last but not least, the most experienced chefs from Zurich's best hotels could also be found dotted around Hall 3. Naturally, we couldn't miss out on eating together at the long and beautifully decorated Tavolata in the fine dining area.

Brunch: A great finale to the festival

The tiredness was catching up on us by the time of the last event, the Sunday brunch in the Engrosmarkt. But the craft bread bakers and coffee brewers soon revived everyone. Visitors to our stand could enjoy a FOOBY-style brunch of porridge and carrot gratin and the fruity «Chocolate Chia Bowl». Sales proceeds were donated to the ProSpecieRara foundation, which works to protect endangered breeds of farm animal and crop species. 

With contented smiles, we watched the public enjoying a final relaxed stroll through the halls. Meanwhile, children had the opportunity to attend exciting workshops. For us, this terrific brunch marked the culmination of an exceptional culinary event. FOOD ZURICH 2017 will linger long in the memories of all food aficionados.

Our bloggers in the FOOBY Chuchi

Esther in the FOOBY Chcuchi.
Esther in the FOOBY kitchen.

Some vegetable parts are usually overlooked. Esther, author of the well-known «Leaf to Root» cookery book, makes them the starring act, introducing her workshop participants to brand new flavour experiences.
Lauren in the FOOBY Chuchi
Lauren in the FOOBY kitchen.

For Lauren, it's not just cooking that takes centre stage. After in-depth talks about a vegan diet and conscious lifestyle, the wonderful dishes taste twice as good!
Nadja in the FOOBY Chuchi
Nadja in the FOOBY kitchen.

Nadja indulges in her passion with her guests in the FOOBY kitchen – simple family food. The kids were particularly enamoured with the mozzarella balls – a new favourite snack!

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