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Mildly nutty, crunchy and extremely versatile

The deliciously aromatic dukkah spice mix mostly consists of roasted, crushed nuts and is a staple food of the North African cuisine. 

Dukkah – Interesting Facts

Dukkah, also called Duqqa, is a spice mix made from nuts, seeds, herbs and other spices. It originated in Egypt but is also commonly used in the Ethiopian cuisine. It is now becoming more and more popular in Europe. The exact ingredients of the spice mix can vary; many North African families have their own dukkah recipe and each differs ever so slightly.

Dukkah has a mild yet pleasant flavour, thanks to its nutty taste. It therefore goes very well with a number of dishes. The other ingredients determine the spiciness and sharpness, which can be adjusted depending on your taste.

Food Facts


Origin Egypt
Ingredients hazelnuts, pine nuts, chick peas, sesame seeds, coriander seeds, paprika, cumin, thyme, sea salt, pepper, and more
Recommended with flat bread, fish, meat, vegetables, tofu
Storage airtight container in a cool, dark, dry place
Shelf life approx. 4 weeks

Dukkah – How To Use It?

Dukkah goes well with fish, meat, vegetables and tofu – all of which can be rubbed with a dry marinade made from dukkah. This is not only a method of seasoning, but it also lends meat, for example, a delicious crust for roasting or grilling. You can also refine a dish with a pinch of dukkah as a garnish for your cooked meal.

The traditional way of eating dukkah, is to first dip some flatbread in olive oil, and then dip it in the dukkah spice mix. Another option is to mix the olive oil and the dukkah together into a dip and then dunk the bread in. For a milder option, try making a yoghurt and dukkah dip. 

Dukkah – Recipe for Home

Dukkah can be bought in some supermarkets ready-made, or you can be adventurous and make your own. A freshly prepared dukkah is especially aromatic. First, dry roast the nuts and seeds in a frying pan without any fat. For best results, roast each ingredient separately as they each have different cooking times. Hazelnuts, for example, need more time than sesame seeds due to their size. If you do everything in one pan the seeds will cook faster and the nuts will remain pale.

Once everything is lightly browned and then cooled, the mortar comes into play. We suggest crushing the different ingredients separately so that you can decide how coarse or fine your dukkah is. Be careful not to make a nut paste out of the mix. As soon as everything is crushed to the desired consistency, add your pepper, salt, paprika and dried thyme or any other herbs you like. 

Dukkah – Correct Storage

Making your own dukkah at home is of course more effort than buying it ready-made. You therefore want it to keep for as long as possible. Dukkah spice mix should ideally be kept in a screw-cap jar in a dark, dry place. It is also important that it remains relatively cool, so for the hot summer months it may be a good idea to refrigerate it. Otherwise the nuts will become rancid quicker.

The mix should not be stored for longer than four weeks. Bear this in mind when preparing your spice mix, and make as much as you think you’ll need for a month. Or else you can be a bit more generous with your servings when grilling and create a tasty dukkah crust. 

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