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Enhance meat, fish and vegetables with grill marks and a roasted flavour

A summer favourite, grilling is not only a fun way of preparing food, but it is ideal for all food types – meat, fish and crunchy vegetables.

Grilling – Fire or Electricity

There are many different methods of grilling. The charcoal grill is the classic option which, because of the open fire and the smoke, is often considered the only way. However, there are also electric and gas options that each have their own advantages. Gas grills also involve a flame but they don’t generate as much smoke as charcoal grills, they are ready to use, and the coals do not have to be heated through. The same applies to the electric grill which generates practically no smoke, making it ideal for a barbecue on the balcony. In addition to this, you can regulate the temperature and keep it stable over a long period of time.

For the colder months, the next best thing to an outdoor barbecue, is achieving the perfect grill marks on meat, fish and vegetables with a griddle pan in your very own kitchen. All in all, the grilling cooking method requires less fat than roasting.


If using a charcoal grill, create different temperature zones by placing more layers of charcoal in some areas than others. Having an area without any coals can also be advantageous and provide an area of indirect heat which allows you to keep food warm.

Grilling – Meat at Its Best

When it comes to grilling meat, it is very hard to go wrong – simply cook it on each side until it turns a crispy brown. However, items such as steaks, schnitzel and cutlets may require a bit more attention. Let the meat sit at room temperature for a short while before grilling so that it takes less time to cook through to the centre. Generally speaking, meat with a higher fat content is better suited to grilling as it tends to remain juicy.

Another means of keeping meat juicy during the grilling process is marinating it in advance, and brushing the meat with the marinade as it is grilling. Be careful not to let the marinade drip below into the coals as it will create larger flames which will in turn cause the meat to burn faster.

Grilling – Tips for Fish

Grilling fish fillets can be a slightly more delicate process than grilling meat. With fish being a bit fragile, it is best to use a barbecue tray or to cover the fish in tinfoil in order to avoid it breaking into pieces. Simply turn the fish over using a barbecue spatula, a fish slice or specific fish tongs. Gilthead seabream, trout and sea bass are particularly well suited to grilling. Lastly, make sure to grease the skin and the grill beforehand to prevent sticking.

To enhance the taste, perhaps try marinating the fish with a dash of oil and a few herbs – fresh fish doesn’t need much else. Another option is to stuff the fish with some lemon slices, herbs and garlic. Since fish cooks in a relatively short time, place the grill tray further away from the coals in order to avoid it burning or drying out.

Grilling – Vegetarian Options

Aside from barbecued meat and fish, there are a number of delicious options for vegetarians and dishes that work well as a tasty side:

·         Items such as peppers, courgette, corn, potatoes, onions and so on, can all be placed on a skewer, so that nothing falls through                   the grill rack

·         Feta together with tomatoes, onions and herbs can be wrapped in tinfoil and placed on the grill

·         Marinating tofu provides countless options

·         Quarter a piece of flatbread and fill it with cheese and vegetables

·         Fruit such as pineapple, strawberries and watermelon can be grilled, creating a caramelised outer layer and intensifying the flavour

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