Apple cake with walnut base

Apple cake with walnut base

Total: 1 hr 50 Min. | Active: 50 Min.
vegan, gluten-free
Nutritional value / piece: 336 kcal
, Fat: 24 g
, Carbohydrate: 236 g

I think that when autumn arrives, we need food for the soul! I love hot dishes at this time of year, and scrumptious fruit cake with hot chocolate on Sunday afternoons. In the autumn I like to put apples together with nuts and spices such as cinnamon and cardamom. For this autumnal apple cake with a walnut, date and maple syrup base, the apples are sliced but then rolled up decoratively.


8 pieces


Please note: If you adjust the quantities yourself, it may happen that the recipe is not perfect. The quantities and cooking times of the ingredients are not automatically adjusted in the text. If you have any questions about the quantities in this recipe, the culinary professionals at Betty Bossi will be happy to help you:

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100g walnut kernels
120g ground almonds
60g margarine
6 Medjool dates (or 8 "normal" dates), stoned
1pinch sea salt


150ml almond drink
½tsp vanilla paste
1tsp cinnamon
½tsp ground cardamom
1pinch sea salt
2tbsp light Maizena Express cornflour
½tsp agar-agar (morga)
4tbsp maple syrup
3 apples (large), halved and sliced
a little lemon juice
icing sugar
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Grease or line with baking paper a cake tin (measuring around 20cm in diameter), then you will need

How it's done


Place all ingredients into a mixer/blender and purée until smooth and sticky. Use fingers to press the mixture into the tin, creating a raised edge all around. Immediately place the tin into the freezer.


Bring the almond milk, vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom and salt to the boil. Add the Maizena express and agar agar, whisk and return to the boil. Simmer for around 2 minutes whilst stirring constantly, then stir in the maple syrup and allow to cool slightly. Pour the mixture onto the base and allow to cool in the fridge. Cook the apple slices in water with a little lemon juice for 5-10 minutes until soft, then roll the slices up and place them onto the cake.

Dust the cake with icing sugar before serving.

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