Lara -  Vanillacrunnch

Lara - Vanillacrunnch

Lara will never forget the warm apricot cake that her granny used to make.

Lara -  Vanillacrunnch

Even when Lara was a young child, cooking was celebrated on a daily basis: her parents placed a great emphasis on fresh ingredients. They also showed her how to cook the perfect risotto and how to make vegetables crispy in the oven. Despite her lactose intolerance, Lara still didn’t want to give up sweet treats. With that in mind, she tinkered with many vegan desserts and cakes until she convinced her family and friends. 

Lara would love to share the kitchen with Martha Stewart.

The food and lifestyle blog celebrates the sweet things in life. Brownies made from sweet potatoes, chocolate mousse made from chickpea juice or beetroot cheesecake. Vanillacrunnch likes fresh, plant-based ingredients and loves «wild» combinations.

How did the name for the blog originate?

The question I get most about the blog is «Why didn’t you call the blog Chocolatecrunnch?» and I must admit, with my high chocolate intake, this is a fair question! There’s no huge story behind it. I always liked the sound of the word vanilla and the crunnch part represents the «unconventional»side of it and the chaos in my kitchen. Together they make Vanillacrunnch!

How long has the blog been around? 

I’ve been blogging for about six years but has been around in this form for three years. 

Who would you love to cook for the most?

The Dalai Lama.

Which aroma evokes positive energy in you immediately?

The smell of vanilla and wood.

What is your favourite food?

Possibly the same as when I was a child: pasta with chocolate. But I have also become a big fan of the Asian cuisine and love all combinations with rice.

Have you got a favourite cooking partner?

My boyfriend. He’s very organised and cooks better than I do – however, I bake far better than he does. 

The most important seasoning in my kitchen next to salt and pepper is coriander.


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