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Tender, low-fat and a unique taste

Roast turkey takes centre stage during Thanksgiving in the US, and it is also very popular in Europe thanks to its tender meat and unique flavour.

Turkey – Interesting Facts

The defining characteristic of turkey is its tender meat. During Thanksgiving, a national holiday in the US, turkey is the main component of every meal across the nation. The original habitat of the bird is North and Central America, and it was brought to Europe by Spanish sailors. Turkeys mostly consist of white breast meat and dark leg meat.

Food Facts

Turkey (breast)




107 kcal per 100 g


0 g carbohydrate, 0 g fibre, 1g fat, 24g protein per 100g


available year-round



Shelf life

max. 3-4 days

Turkey – A Versatile Bird

Almost the entire turkey can be eaten. The breast can be used for deliciously tender butterfly steaks or cut into strips for a goulash or ragout. When doing so, make sure to remove the thin tendon that runs through the centre of the breast. The turkey legs and thighs are perfect for stewing and roasting. The meat in this area is slightly darker and, thanks to the high fat content, more flavourful than other parts of the bird. This tasty meat combined with its crispy skin is particularly delicious. For most turkey fans, this part of the bird is very popular. Turkey wings can be grilled or roasted and are excellent for a spicy ragout or a poultry stock.

Turkey – Roasted, Fried or in a Sandwich

Turkey can be prepared in a number of ways. Since almost every part of the bird is edible, a roast turkey is very popular for special occasions. In this case, the bird is served whole with, for example, some onions, tomatoes, carrots and leeks stuffed inside and roasted in the oven. A roast turkey is particularly tasty when you marinade the bird beforehand with something like honey. Turkey is also well suited to schnitzels and rolled roasts.

Turkey is not only popular in the kitchen at home, but also in meat processing factories where the bird is processed in various ways; such as turkey breast, turkey ham or turkey sausage. Such products are enjoying increasing popularity compared to other processed meats, because of their low-calorie content.

Turkey – Nutritional Value

Turkey is both very low in fat and high in protein. The bird is also rich in minerals such as potassium, iron, zinc and many B vitamins. Turkey meat, like goose or chicken, is a good addition to a varied and balanced diet.

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