Food lexicon


St. Martin’s day goose – an absolute must.

Roast goose on St. Martin’s Day must be served with a crispy skin and tender meat. To achieve this, the most important ingredient is patience.

Goose – Holiday Season

Geese have been domestic animals since the ancient times, when they often appeared on the menu. Nowadays, goose is mostly eaten in November and December. An entire goose is traditionally prepared on the 11th of November for St. Martin’s Day, and for Christmas when it is stuffed with apples and plums and served with red cabbage. As for the rest of the year, a goose roast is always well suited to a feast.

Food Facts

Goose (fresh, with skin)




338 kcal per 100g


0g carbohydrate, 0g fibre, 31g fat, 16g protein per 100g


November to December; available frozen year round



Shelf life

a few days

Goose – Fresh or Frozen

In terms of quality, there is very little difference between a frozen and a fresh goose. A fresh goose should have pale pink flesh and a pale-coloured skin. It should have an intense but pleasant smell. The bird can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days. A frozen goose is easier to handle but it does require a long defrosting period in the refrigerator – this can take up to 24 hours.

Smoked goose meat is also popular. It keeps for longer and the flavour is both rich and strong. If you own your own smoke oven, try roasting your goose in it, instead of the usual fish. 

Goose – The Roasting Method

Traditionally, the goose is roasted in the oven. It can be done plain or stuffed with apples, walnuts and dried fruit. In order to keep the meat tender, roast it slowly at a low temperature. Depending on the size of the goose, the roasting time can be up to seven hours. For an even colour, place the bird on a wire rack in an oven tray. All the juices will gather in the tray below, which will make for a delicious gravy. For crispy skin, turn the temperature up near the end and turn on the grill. Mugwort makes for a great accompaniment to goose, whether in the stuffing or simply as seasoning, the herb stimulates the fat digestion and makes the roast goose more digestible. 

Goose – Nutritional Content

Poultry is so popular because it is known to have very little fat - goose meat is however an exception. Goose has a higher fat content than all other poultry and with this, comes a number of nutrients including magnesium, iron, and vitamins A and B. There is a large proportion of unsaturated fats in the bird, so when it does make an appearance on the dinner menu, don’t be put off. If you are trying to cut out fats, avoid eating the skin – this makes a big difference.

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