Food lexicon


The shellfish are a great source of protein and contain hardly any fat

Whether raw, quickly sautéed or lightly baked, the tender meat of freshly caught scallops has tastes outstanding.

Scallops – Fresh From The Atlantic

The reddish-brown scallops are closely related to the king scallop – also known as the symbol for the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage in Spain. The king scallop is one of few shellfish that can swim freely. Scallops are usually caught when they are about 9-15cm in size. The shellfish can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, but are particularly delicious either raw or lightly fried until they are opaque in the centre and golden brown on the outside – add a pinch of salt before serving.

Food Facts

Scallops (raw, frozen)




90 kcal per 100 g


2 g carbohydrates, 0.5 g fibre, 1 g fat, 17 g protein per 100g




when fresh, store in refrigerator

Shelf life

maximum 1 day (fresh, in the shell), 3-4 months (frozen)

Scallops – Hand-Picked or Grown in Aquacultures

Scallops can live up to 200 m underwater in the Atlantic. The young shellfish can be usually found on the seabed, but larger ones can move underwater by rapidly opening and closing their shells, propelling themselves forward. The European scallops mostly come from the waters surrounding France, Scotland, Ireland and Norway where they are either picked by hand or severed from the seabed with special trawl nets. In some countries, like Chile, scallops are cultivated in aquacultures.

Scallops – Shopping for Shellfish

The white meat and orange roe are the edible parts of the scallop. The roe has a stronger taste and is more suited to real shellfish-lovers. It can also be used for thickening and flavouring sauces. Fresh scallops bought in their shells should be quite heavy.  Fresh scallop meat is also available ready to be cooked and should be glossy with a white to cream colour. They should smell fresh and slightly like the sea, but not pungent.

How to Shell a Scallop

·         Place the scallop with flat side facing up

·         With a table knife, gently pry open the two halves of the shell

·         Slide a sharp knife along the upper side of the shell to sever the muscle

·         Once the shell open, scrape all the entrails from the bottom shell

·         Using your fingers, remove the white meat and the orange roe from the remaining entrails

·         Separate the white meat from the roe with a knife

Scallops – Preparation and Storage

The tender meat tastes pleasantly nutty and slightly sweet. Depending on the fishing area, the flavour may vary noticeably as shellfish absorb the seawater and the substances contained in it. Freshly caught scallops can be eaten raw and should you encounter a chance to do so, give them a try! More often than not, however, the fish is prepared rather than eaten raw. Scallops can be grilled, baked or fried. The most classic way is to fry scallops, giving them that characteristic golden crust. Scallops should be fried for as short a time as possible so that the meat stays tender. Scallops should be eaten on the day of purchase – due to their high protein content, they can spoil very quickly.

Scallops – Ideal for a Balanced Diet

Scallops are a great source of protein and fit perfectly into a balanced diet. Outside of the fishing season, frozen scallops are a good replacement, as they are generally of good quality and have a slightly softer consistency than fresh scallops. Frozen scallops keep for three to four months.

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