Banana and lime ice cream with berries

Banana and lime ice cream with berries

Total: 8 hr 10 Min. | Active: 10 Min.
vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free
Nutritional value / people: 182 kcal
, Fat: 3 g
, Carbohydrate: 35 g
, Protein: 3 g

The first question I asked myself after sampling a spoonful of this refreshing treat was "Why on Earth have I never tried this combination with lime before?" What's more, this recipe is so incredibly simple that it takes no more than a handful of ingredients to make the ice cream. It can be ready in 5 minutes flat, refreshes the palate and will have your taste buds dancing for joy. If you're already thinking "not banana again" or "I don't like banana", please just give it a go as the fresh lime juice in this banana ice cream pretty much wipes out the banana flavour anyway. And if you can still taste the banana, it's so subtle that it conjures up an entirely new flavour. When it comes to the berry topping, you can simply choose your favourites. I have chosen some that are slightly sweet and others that are a little more tart. Because this ice cream is both sweet and tart, you can adopt the same approach with the berries. What are you waiting for?


2 people


The original recipe with guaranteed success is for 2 people. Altering the number of portions may result in alternate results. Please note that the existing quantities are not automatically adjusted in the text.

Ice cream

300g bananas, sliced
1 lime, rinsed with hot water, use a little grated zest and all of the juice
1 ½dl almond drink
2tsp honey


100g mixed berries
1tbsp coconut strips
some peppermint leaf
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How it's done

Ice cream

Place the bananas on a baking tray, freeze overnight. Defrost for approx. 5 mins., place in a blender along with the lime zest and juice, almond milk and honey, blend for several minutes to create a creamy ice cream.


Serve the ice cream in bowls, decorate with berries, coconut strips and mint.

Good to know
Tip: The riper the bananas are that are peeled, sliced and frozen in freezer bags the night before, the sweeter the ice cream! It's worth having plenty of ripe, frozen bananas in the freezer in summer. Then you can simply whip up this refreshing ice cream in a matter of minutes whenever you like!

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