Buckwheat & quinoa porridge with raspberry & fig compote

Buckwheat & quinoa porridge with raspberry & fig compote

Total: 12 hr 35 Min. | Active: 20 Min.
vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free
Nutritional value / people: 823 kcal
, Fat: 31 g
, Carbohydrate: 110 g
, Protein: 23 g

Short on time for breakfast in the mornings? How nice would it be to wake up and simply grab a jar of this from the fridge on your way to work? Not only would you save time, but you would also start the day with a satisfied, happy tummy. I consider that a win – and it's delicious to boot! Once you've prepared this recipe and stored several portions in jars in the fridge, you have a delicious breakfast that will last you several days. Not only is it satisfying and tasty, but it will also give you a real energy boost and put a smile on your face (especially when your workmate starts nibbling a chocolate bar at 9 a.m. – something they will certainly regret later).


4 people


Please note: If you adjust the quantities yourself, it may happen that the recipe is not perfect. The quantities and cooking times of the ingredients are not automatically adjusted in the text. If you have any questions about the quantities in this recipe, the culinary professionals at Betty Bossi will be happy to help you:

Betty Bossi Koch-Center


180g buckwheat
60g quinoa flakes
45g cashew nuts, toasted
2tsp vanilla paste
1pinch Himalayan salt
½tsp cinnamon
1 ¾dl soya drink
4 Medjool dates, pitted
1 banana, ripe
3tsp maple syrup or honey

Crunchy topping

50g rolled oats
50g sunflower seeds
50g pumpkin seeds
50g walnut kernels
1pinch Himalayan salt
1tsp vanilla paste
1 ¾tbsp maple syrup or honey


275g raspberries
1dl water
4 figs
1pinch Himalayan salt
2tbsp coconut palm sugar

To serve

1 fig, sliced
1handful raspberries
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How it's done


Place the buckwheat, quinoa flakes and cashew nuts in a bowl, soak in water overnight. Transfer to a sieve, rinse with cold water, drain well. Place in a powerful blender along with the vanilla paste, salt, cinnamon, soya milk, dates, banana and maple syrup, and puree until smooth and creamy. Add a little more soya milk if necessary.

Crunchy topping

Blitz all of the ingredients except the maple syrup in a food processor, mix in the maple syrup, spread on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

Bake for 12-15 mins. in the centre of an oven preheated to 160°C. Remove from the oven, leave to cool.


Place all of the ingredients in a pan, bring to the boil, cook over a medium heat for 10-15 mins. Mash with a fork or briefly puree in a blender. Leave to cool, cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

To serve

Place a large tablespoon of the compote in each jar, smooth upwards around the sides, fill with the cold buckwheat porridge, sprinkle with the crunchy topping and garnish with the figs and raspberries. Enjoy immediately.

Good to know
Tip: The crunchy topping is enough for more than 4 compotes. Store it in a sealed jar in the fridge and sprinkle it over your favourite smoothie bowls or smoothies.

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