Create the perfect party table!

Create the perfect party table!

Delight your guests with your table decorations – create a feast for the eyes as well as the palate!

Shopping done? Check! Carefully prepared food almost ready? Check! Guests coming? Check! Now all you need to do is decorate the table to set the scene for the celebrations – after all it's the focal point of almost any meal. But don't get stressed! We show you how to conjure up fantastic decor for your table in no time at all.

Whether you're preparing brunch for your parents-in-law, a relaxed pasta dish for friends or a dinner with someone special ... you'll be amazed how easy it is to make an impression on your guests with a few flowers, pieces of fruit, candles, herbs and colourful touches – and to create memorable table decor in no time at all!

Make an impact with colours and materials

For table decoration we always start with a colour scheme inspired by the season. In the cosiness of autumn we like rustic, earthy colours. In the summer we love whites and brights, for the winter deep green tones and in the spring we tend towards delicate colours and pastels. Next we need to decide on the tablecloth and serviettes. They can really make an impact! Often we decide not to use a tablecloth at all because we love our rustic wooden tables so much, but then we turn our full attention to the serviettes. The great thing about serviettes is that as well as being practical they can also be used creatively in many different ways, often becoming the first point of conversation at the dining table. Definitely!

We draw our inspiration from the seasons.

Sue and Sibylle

The personal touch

We really believe in attention to detail and we have a weakness for name place cards for our guests. This gives your table decor a really personal touch and the guests love it. There are dozens of lovely ways to incorporate place cards into your decor. You can put them in flower pots, tie them around the serviettes or even put them on preserve jars which the guests can take home with them, a failsafe way to make them happy.

When we set out the crockery, cutlery and glasses we always make sure the table is symmetrical; that appeals to the eye and creates a balanced feel. Lighting is important too. It's best to have dimmable indirect lighting. Candlelight creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. Then all you need is some good background music and you have all the ingredients for a successful meal.

Symmetry not only appeals to the eye but also creates a balanced feel to the table.

Sue and Sibylle

Our decor tips from brunch to dinner

Your brunch arrangement

Place cards and serviettes

Attach the place cards with string and an attractive sprig to your serviettes and place carefully onto each plate. Then place a preserve jar filled with granola onto the plates. Alternatively you could attach the place cards to the clip closure on the jar rather than the serviette, Your guests can then either eat the granola immediately or take it home with them.

Your table

To decorate your table use empty jars or tins as vases. Containers can be silver or gold depending on the colour of your cutlery and crockery!

Mediterranean lunch

Table decor

Decorate your table with lemons and pretty lemon leaves. Then use twine to wrap some basil leaves in baking paper and pop them in the middle of the table – your guests can add them to their pizza or pasta dishes as they wish. Fill chance finds – from car boot sales and the like – with salt, olive oil and whatever else you think you will need. They bring your table decor to life and give it a more rustic touch. You can also serve Parmesan – whole or coarsely grated – on an attractive wooden serving board for the perfect finishing touch to your presentation.

If you are serving different dishes or a meal with several courses, you can stack up the crockery: the plates for the main course at the very bottom, the small plates for the intermediate course next and the bowl for the starter at the very top. Then your guests work their way from the top down to the bottom, and your place setting looks stylish and inviting.

Place cards and serviettes

Punch a hole in the place cards, push through a sprig of lemon leaves and place onto plates. Then fold the serviette three times lengthways, place under the plates, and your Mediterranean lunch decor is complete.


A brief digression on etiquette:

When setting the table, always place wine glasses above the knives. Position your guests’ water glasses slightly to the right and a bit below the wine glasses.

Dinner decoration

Table decor

Place eucalyptus sprigs as a garland in the middle of the table. Wrap string around white pillar candles of different sizes and arrange these on the table. Integrate fruits such as grapes and figs to suit the colours and the meal into the table décor. You can also include nice flea market finds such as vases and bowls as you wish.

Place cards and serviettes

Place a sprig of rosemary on the serviette with a crispy bread roll alongside it. Alternatively: Wrap the serviette around the cutlery and a sprig, tie them together with string and arrange attractively on the plate.

Sue and Sibylle - Comme Soie
Sue and Sibylle - Comme Soie
The two friends are passionate about cooking and always on the lookout for beautiful things.

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