Behind the scenes: Recipe editors

Behind the scenes: Recipe editors

Daniela develops an idea into a feast for the taste buds

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating" is the golden rule when it comes to developing a new recipe. Recipe editors offer new taste experiences by conjuring up innovative food creations. To do this, you need a head full of ideas and a love of experimentation in cooking and baking. Daniela puts her heart and soul into her job as recipe editor. When the FOOBY team gets in touch and asks her to create a recipe, the exciting part of her job begins.

Video about the work of the FOOBY recipe editor

A key word is enough

A simple key word: "ginger frosting"  – this might be the only instructions given to the editors. Daniela is a FOOBY recipe editor at Betty Bossi and part of an experienced team of experts. She and her colleagues always have good ideas for new recipes. When she's asked to develop an innovative composition from an exciting input, Daniela's inventiveness really comes into its own. Like this time: for the autumn edition of FOOBY magazine, she is creating a cake for the before & after recipe series.

On her desk in her Zurich office sit stacks of books on cuisines, cooking and baking. Daniela has a very detailed knowledge of the specialist literature, which is dotted with page markers she has inserted. This time, however, the inspiration looks likely to come first from browsing the Internet. The photos of cakes and tarts that she finds online give her an initial idea.

Sources of inspiration are everywhere

But the initial idea isn't always found in the office. Daniela also likes browsing for new inspiration while out and about in cafés and bookshops. Her favourite place to develop a new recipe, however, is the cosy setting of her living room. This is where she often has the best ideas, sitting on her sofa and leafing through her own, large collection of cookery books, magazines and self-assembled recipe files. The secret – she reveals to us – is to not read through the entire list of ingredients. Images or recipe titles are enough to inspire her unusual ideas. This leaves enough scope for imagination. Otherwise, there is too great a risk of copying what she has read.

Testing recipes in the "laboratory"

Once she’s drafted a first concept for a recipe, Daniela retires to the Betty Bossi test kitchen to do her “lab work”. Ginger frosting plays a key role for her idea for a seasonal carrot cake. She has gathered  together all the ingredients in sufficient quantities for her experiments. Daniela interprets her winter version of carrot cake with pecan nuts and hazelnuts. And the finishing touch is a combination of ginger, cinnamon and pineapple juice.

Tasting with other people is part of this

The test kitchen is filled with the wonderful scents of Christmas when Daniela takes her dream creation out of the oven. She has invited her colleagues from the FOOBY recipe editing team as reliable recipe helpers. Sofie, Laura and Michael are looking forward to the tasting session. The three are on hand with their refined palates and expert advice, giving Daniela crucial suggestions to perfect her carrot cake. Even if everything seems fine, minor details can sometimes come to light that can be improved. Daniela makes important notes, which she incorporates in the final recipe.


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