Behind the scenes: Food bloggers

Behind the scenes: Food bloggers

On a culinary journey of discovery with "Fanny the Foodie".

Food bloggers love talking about food and they make use of the opportunities presented by the digital world. They develop recipes, photograph their dishes and share their creative content online with their readers. Food bloggers are frequently independent of publishers and often build a huge fan community. This is the fastest way in which new trends make the leap from experimental kitchen to their followers' dining tables. "Fanny the Foodie" has developed her own recipe for the "Gifts from my kitchen" series in the FOOBY autumn magazine.

Video about the Fooby Blogger

Fanny Frey is a student of English with a passion for food. At the age of just 21, she is one of Switzerland's best-known food bloggers, as well having a big, international following on Instagram. No wonder, then, that a recipe book of her favourite seasonal recipes has already been published in German.

Eating has always been very important to us at home.

Fanny Frey

Searching for a typical Fanny recipe

We meet Fanny in a trendy Zurich café. She is working on her laptop, developing new recipes. One thing is immediately obvious: Fanny has an inquisitive mind and her culinary radar extends far and wide. She researches online, browses food blogs and reads cooking magazines. She scrutinizes images of food and a vast array of mood images, which inspire her to keep coming with new ideas. This is also reflected in her modern recipe ideas, which she regularly shares with the FOOBY community and publishes on her blog

On camera, Fanny reveals the secret she will be sharing, in keeping with the "Gifts from the kitchen" theme: a very personal granola recipe.

It's quite exciting to be there and see how the germ of an idea reaches fruition. Beforehand, Fanny has meticulously researched granola recipes and can also draw on her own wealth of experience – she has already published a number of granola-related highlights on her blog. It all starts with some initial notes on the laptop, but most importantly of all, of course, a new recipe has to be tried out.

Before it can be prepared, however, the right ingredients must be selected – tailored, naturally, to the autumn/winter season. Fanny loves getting inspiration in shops, comparing ingredients and thinking about which surprise elements she can incorporate in the granola to give it that unique twist that makes it a typical Fanny recipe.

A visit to her "experimentation lab" at home

Fanny races home on her bicycle and invites us to watch her create the recipe. You can tell that she feels comfortable at home. As well as being the place where the blogger transforms her ideas into recipes, it is also Fanny's happy place.

When she is creating a recipe, Fanny's student kitchen becomes an experimental cooking laboratory. First, the right quantities of ingredients must be ascertained. And once it has been put together, the next question, of course, is: how does it taste? If the taste isn't just right, a sometimes lengthy process of trial and error can ensue before the finished recipe is created.

But, for Fanny, being a food blogger also means photographing the granola as soon as it has been prepared. With an eye for detail and plenty of instinctive flair, she tries out ways to style her creations in the right light. She is not reliant on help from third parties in order to share her recipes via her blog or Instagram.

The gift from Fanny's kitchen can be found in the autumn edition of  FOOBY-Magazins or here.


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