Anita - Breakfast & Bowls

Anita - Breakfast & Bowls

Anita loves the aroma of caramel that emerges from the oven when baking a delicious cake.

Anita - Breakfast & Bowls

Thanks to a well-balanced breakfast, the young woman has plenty of energy to get her day off to a good start. In her Instagram account Breakfast & Bowls, this lover of detail reveals delicious recipes for sweet and healthy treats, creative snacks, tasty  beverages and refreshing, well-balanced bowls.

“I take inspiration from everything around me, but mainly from seasonal products, nature and my travels.”

For FOOBY, Anita shares her great passion for healthy yet delicious cooking. In her Breakfast & Bowls Instagram account, you can discover her favourite recipes, which are prepared with seasonal ingredients, are always gluten- and dairy-free and do not contain refined sugar; some are even vegan.

What made you take up cooking?

I have always loved cooking from when I was quite small, with my mother or my grandmother. But the real turnaround for me was a change in my diet, which goes back several years.

What is the most memorable dish your grandma made?

A brioche filled with a poppyseed mixture.

What is your best cooking memory?

Generally being on holiday with a group of friends. The kitchen is full of people, it’s noisy, there are ingredients everywhere, but in the end we all sit down at the table and enjoy the meal.

What was your favourite food as a child?

My mother’s spaghetti bolognese.

What is your favourite food nowadays?

Lentil pasta with home-made basil pesto.

What dish or ingredient have you recently rediscovered?

I’m naturally quite curious, which means I’m always trying out new ingredients. I recently experimented with teff flour, a naturally gluten-free seed, and with manuka honey, which is delicious and has numerous benefits.

What ingredients do you always have in the kitchen?

I’m never without olive oil for cooking or salad dressings. It also reminds me of summer in southern European countries.

Is there a food that you don’t like at all?

Yes, parsley. I know immediately if it’s in a dish.

What's the most important spice or seasoning in your kitchen (apart from salt and pepper)?

Cinnamon gives sweet dishes a special soothing taste. But that’s not the only reason. It also goes well with savoury spices, for example on sweet potatoes, in salad dressings or in a spice mix for Asian dishes.

What can’t you stand the smell of?

Garlic. It smells and tastes much too strong for me. If I do use it, I only use garlic powder.

Do you have any cans in your cupboard?

Yes, peeled tomatoes and pulses such as chickpeas and beans.

What’s your favourite restaurant?

The Japanese restaurant NU in Milan was one of my best surprises. It’s located slightly out of the centre in a residential area. They serve the best sushi I’ve ever eaten. For a sophisticated local culinary experience, the Restaurant des Trois Tours in Fribourg is truly wonderful.

White wine, red wine or beer?

Mocktails! 😊

Do you prefer to cook alone or with others?

Both, it depends on the recipe and the mood.

I’d like to explore the kitchen of a top chef, their techniques and their inspiration.



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