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The ground spice transforms food into healthy, yellow cuisine

Turmeric is responsible for the yellow colouring in most curries and should also be appreciated for its health benefits.

Turmeric - Interesting Facts

Turmeric has been around for over 4,000 years and it’s not only popular in cuisine, but also in Ayurvedic healing. In Europe, the spice has been a popular replacement for saffron and is also known as curcuma or, because of its appearance, Indian or yellow ginger. Today it can be found in foods such as mustard as a colouring agent, or as the main spice in many dishes and even drinks. Its aromatic, bitter taste lends itself well to sweet and savoury dishes.


Food Facts

Titel der Zutat




curcuminoid, vitamins, nutrients and essential oils


available year-round as a powder


store in a dark sealed glass

Shelf life

1-2 years, buy small amounts at a time as the taste and essential oils quickly disappear

Turmeric - Origin and Health Benefits

Turmeric originated in India, where one of the biggest cultivation areas is located. The plants enjoy a damp and hot climate and bloom pink or white flowers. The powder which is used for cooking and medicine, is made from drying and grounding the yellow roots. In India, this powder is also used in order to colour textiles.

The positive impact of turmeric on health is undoubtable: curcumin, the colouring agent, has anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties. However, it is not soluble in water and is not fully absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Its absorption capacity can be improved by combining it with black pepper, which contains a substance called piperine.

Turmeric – Uses in the Kitchen

Dried and ground turmeric is available in almost every supermarket. Its fresh roots are also often on offer. The roots can be used the same way as the spice powder, but can also be placed in a juicer in order to give juices an extra kick. It is best to use a grater in order to crush the root and the use of disposable gloves will prevent the spice from colouring your fingers yellow.

Turmeric can be found in various rice dishes, curries, salads with lentils or Moroccan stews. The turmeric lattes, also known as “Golden Milk”, are currently causing a stir amongst all the turmeric recipes. The drink made with hot milk and a spoon-full of turmeric, can be as stimulating as a coffee. It can be made by letting a teaspoon of turmeric, honey, and some ginger slices, draw in a cup of warm milk. To make a vegan version, just use some plant-based milks and maple syrup instead of normal milk and honey.


Turmeric Recipes

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