Soy milk
Food lexicon

Soy milk

The classic plant-based milk alternative

Whether hot in coffee, cold in muesli, or simply by itself, soy milk can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Its unique taste means the days where only vegans or those with a lactose intolerance enjoy it are long gone. 

Soy Milk – Interesting Facts

Soy milk is one of the most loved plant-based milks and can be used in the exact same way as cow milk. Recently soy milk has been attracting a far wider market, not just vegans and those with lactose intolerances. Soy milk has its own unique taste – it is nuttier and slightly less sweet than cow’s milk. Nevertheless, it is perfectly suited to all the food and drink that normally requires milk.

Further differences between cow and soy milk lie in their nutritional value. Although both are rich in protein, the protein contained in soy milk is more beneficial to the body. Even though it does not contain calcium, soy milk is still considered very healthy. This is due to the fact that soy milk usually has less calories than regular milk and an average of approximately 2% fat – placing it somewhere in between low-fat milk (1.5% fat) and whole milk (3.5% fat). 

Food Facts

Soy milk


45 kcal per 100ml


1.5g carbohydrate, 1.1g fibre, 2.3g fat, 4g protein per 100ml


available year-round


refrigerate once opened

Shelf life

3-4 days once opened

Soy Milk – Do it Yourself

Soy milk has been produced for over 2,000 years in China, where its main ingredient, soybeans, originate. Soybeans are one of the most cultivated crops in the world and are now at home, not only in Asia, but also in America. The popular organic soya, which is often used for soy milk, is increasingly produced in areas like Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The majority of soybeans produced are used for farm animal feed. Soy milk requires a relatively small amount of soybeans to produce the white milk with a yellow tint. This milk is also the base for soy yoghurt and tofu.

The production of soy milk is in fact not that complicated and can easily be done at home. Simply soak 100 grams of soybeans overnight, rinse them, and puree them the next day with 300 millilitres of water. Then stir double the amount of water into the mixture and boil for ten minutes. Once cooled, filter the mixture through a cheese cloth or a sieve with a normal tea towel. Lastly, pass another 250 millilitres of water through the cloth and wring it out well. The milk can be kept in the refrigerator for up to four days. 

Soy Milk – Marketed Worldwide

In Europe, soy milk may also be sold in supermarkets as soy drink – this is because of regulations prohibiting the use of the term milk in the marketing of plant-based products that are not made from animal milk. Nevertheless, the term soy milk is used worldwide and included in recipes. The same applies to almond milk, rice milk and other plant-based milks.

Soy milk can be bought in its natural form, or with added calcium, vitamin B12 or sugar. A chocolate version is also available, as well as a combination of soy and rice milk. Soy milk, just like cow’s milk, can be used for cooking, baking and for coffee, and transforms all of these into tasty vegan options. Try out this chocolate and avocado mousse: simply puree a ripe avocado with cocoa powder, vanilla sugar, agave syrup, and as much soy milk you need to form a delicate and thick mousse. 

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