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The Swiss speciality turns your lunchtime sandwich into a delicacy

Mostbröckli, from the Appenzell canton in Switzerland, is more than just another type of cured meat – it is smoked for long periods of time to create the distinctive aromatic flavour. Find out everything you need to know here.

Mostbröckli – A Swiss Original

Mostbröckli is a Swiss cured beef speciality that is often known as Appenzeller Mostbröckli, as it is predominantly produced in the half cantons Appenzell Innerrhoden and Appenzell Ausserrhoden. However, Mostbröckli enjoys widespread popularity across Switzerland and Germany. The main difference between other cured meat products like Bündnerfleisch and Mostbröckli, is that Mostbröckli is not only pickled and dried at a maximum of 40°C, it is also smoked for several hours. This produces the intense and smoky flavour. 

Food Facts



150 kcal per 100g


0.5g carbohydrate, 0g fibre, 1.9g fat, 32.6g protein per 100g


available year-round


store cool and away from light, once opened store in fridge

Shelf life

vacuum packaged several months, opened 2-3 weeks

Mostbröckli – Origin of the Name

As “Most” is the German word for cider, it is likely that the meat used to make Mostbröckli was treated with apple cider to make it more tender and soft – and thus giving it its name. Mostbröckli is usually sold in larger pieces but is served in wafer thin slices, usually with dark bread, red wine or apple cider. The cured meat can be enjoyed as a hearty snack or as a starter. 

Mostbröckli – Storage of Cured Meats

You will usually buy Mostbröckli vacuum packed, either whole or already prepared in thin slices. In sealed packaging, the cured meat can keep for months, as the drying process dehydrates the meat. Once the packaging has been opened, Mostbröckli should be stored in the fridge. Ideally, Mostbröckli is removed from the plastic packaging and wrapped in cling film or kitchen paper. It is normal for the meat to dry out a little more over time. 

Mostbröckli – A Protein Rich Delicacy

Mostbröckli is not only a tasty bread topping as the smoky flavour goes well in many dishes and adds spiciness. An autumnal salad of lettuce, walnuts and cheese is elevated by a few thin slices of Mostbröckli. Or use small pieces of the cured meat in soup – particularly in an alpine barley soup. Cut into thin slices, Appenzeller Mostbröckli can replace cooked ham and provides a more intense flavour, for example for gratinated bread or in cordon bleu.

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