Her cakes are usually spontaneous creations inspired by how she feels.

Raquel is our FOOBY newbie. As an apprentice she primarily provides able assistance to FOOBY team project manager Katja in ensuring that the FOOBY spirit is evident at all Coop sales outlets. Her job gives her a lot of interesting insights and the chance to indulge her passion for good food to the full.

How did you become a chef?
I was taught by the best chef – my mum.

Your favourite meal as a child?

The meal you best remember your grandma making?
My abuela's patatas fritas with fried egg or my granny's dumplings.

The most important meal of your day?
Breakfast! I'm quite happy to have it twice a day.

What's your best or funniest cooking memory?
When I "redecorated" the whole kitchen with strawberry puree. At that time it wasn't that great, but now it seems quite funny.

Which dish do you most enjoy cooking?
Cinque Pi – it's my failsafe!

Do you have tins in your store cupboard? And if so what's in them?
Yes I do. I have peeled plum tomatoes, chick peas and olives.

Your favourite restaurant?
Anywhere I can get a good tartare or a tasty burger.

Which food can't you bear the smell of?
Anchovies, for definite!

What do you never cook at home?
I'm still not really keen on offal.

White wine, red wine or beer?
Red wine and beer ;-)

Milk or plain chocolate?

What dish or ingredient have you recently «discovered»?
Turmeric latte – the golden milk. It's incredibly delicious!

Info Info

Cinque Pi is an Italian pasta dish. The low-calorie modern classic is named after its 5 (cinque) main ingredients:

  • Pomodoro (tomatoes)
  • Panna (cream)
  • Parmigiano (parmesan)
  • Prezzemolo (parsley)
  • Pepe (pepper)

There is also a popular and very tasty variation on the recipe which adds prosciutto ham.

For me a spoon to taste my cooking with is the most important kitchen utensil.


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