Deep Frying
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Deep Frying

A life without deep frying is possible, but rather dull

Deep frying is not known for its simplicity but all the same, it is one of the most popular cooking methods worldwide and the result is undeniably delicious.

Deep Frying – A Gentle Cooking Method

A summer favourite, chips are often enjoyed at the outdoor swimming pools. Ever find yourself wondering what exactly makes these freshly cooked hot chunks of potato taste so wonderfully delicious? The answer is deep frying. The bubbling fat is responsible for the unique gold-brown colour, the crispy skin and the soft centre of the French fries. Although deep frying does not do the figure any favours, it is always delicious.


Make sure that the food being deep fried is as dry as possible, as water and moisture can result in an uneven crust. This can affect the flavour and cause the food to absorb more fat than usual.

Crispy Outside and Juicy Inside

The secret to deep frying is the formation of a crispy shell due to the hot oil. This is not just for the purpose of a crisp and tasty outer layer, but also to retain moisture and reduce the amount of fat absorbed. This is the reason for the crunchy outer layer and the moist and soft inner layer.

The Right Oil

One of the most important elements of deep frying is the oil. This cooking method can reach temperatures of up to 170°C – the oil must therefore be able to withstand such high temperatures without smoking. When choosing the right oil, make sure the smoke point is at least 200°C. Otherwise, the fat will start to smoke while frying and release the toxic substance acrolein, which not only smells bad, but can also pose a health risk. Aside from the usual oils, palm oil, clarified butter and coconut oil also work very well.

Less is More

Whether deep frying French fries, vegetables or meat, you should always avoid overcrowding the fryer or pan. This may reduce the temperature of the fat and run the risk of the food sticking together and not forming an even crust. We therefore recommend deep frying in small portions while keeping the cooked fries warm in the oven.

Deep Frying Without a Deep Fat Fryer

Deep frying without a deep fat fryer is possible. All you need is a pot that is big and tall enough. This should be filled with two to four litres of fat. A high edge is important because deep frying tends to spit out boiling hot fat. The pot should be filled with oil up to a third of the way and should be covered with a lid. Most food needs to be cooked at about 180°C. In order to reach the right temperature, use a cooking thermometer to check.


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