Luca from the FOOBY team

Luca from the FOOBY team

Always on the lookout for new recipes

Luca from the FOOBY team

Luca is an intern at FOOBY, helping the team with digital issues. He thinks it’s exciting that all things “digital” are finding their way into the kitchen more and more, making cooking easier. This is why he regularly uses apps such as the FOOBY app to discover new recipes. Plus, he absolutely loves cooking and enjoys trying out new and exotic dishes. At FOOBY, he’s definitely in the right place.

As an intern, Luca’s job is mainly to support Flo in developing FOOBY’s digital channels, such as the newsletter, website and app. The duo works tirelessly to create the ideal digital FOOBY experience.

What is your best cooking memory?

There are so many, it’s impossible to choose just the one. Each time I try out a new recipe, I set off on a brand-new culinary journey. I love discovering new dishes, trying them out and sometimes even adding my own personal touch.

Do you have a secret ingredient that gives your dishes that special edge?

It’s not so much an ingredient as a combination of ingredients. For example, when I’m cooking Asian food, I love the combination of garlic and soy sauce. Mostly I use it to marinade meat. When I cook Italian food, I often use a combination of olive oil, chilli and garlic. It works great in a tomato sauce, for example, or even my personal favourite which is leaf spinach – so “spinach all’arrabbiata” if you like.

What was your favourite food as a child?

There’s no particular dish that stands out. I was lucky in that everything my mum cooked for us was great. Unfortunately, all the evidence has been eaten!

Which kitchen utensil could you not do without?

Definitely my cast iron pan – it’s hard-wearing, can be used for lots of different dishes and is virtually indestructible. Each time I use it, it gets better and better, and has a nice rustic appearance which I love when cooking. I hope my pan will keep me company in the kitchen for many more years to come!

What inspires you?

I tend to get most of my inspiration from YouTube, Instagram and even Netflix. When I find something exciting, I try to learn as much as I can about the dish, the ingredients and the cuisine in general before I get stuck in.

What dish or ingredient have you recently rediscovered?

My all-time favourite discovery is "Chicken Adobo". This dish from the Philippines uses simple ingredients, is easy to prepare and tastes great. I recommend it to everyone!

I love gathering new cooking tips.


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