Nathaline from the FOOBY team

Nathaline from the FOOBY team

She hates starting the day without her morning muesli.

Nathaline from the FOOBY team

Nathaline heads up the FOOBY team. She gets to spend her whole day discussing cooking and enjoyment with fabulous, committed people, and makes sure that FOOBY is noticeable and tangible in our Coop sales outlets. Nathaline comes from a family of cooks and loved helping in a range of kitchens from a young age.

She most enjoys cooking with her mum – even though she often still treats her in the kitchen as if she were five years old.

Nathaline's main sources of inspiration are recipes, cooking shows, meals with friends and in restaurants, and day-to-day shopping. Rosemary is one of her kitchen essentials, and the smell of freshly baked bread and cakes brings back great memories.

What is your best cooking memory?

The first time I cooked dinner for my family (albeit not quite all by myself). Even though the potato pancakes weren't exactly haute cuisine, I was so proud of myself.

What was your favourite food as a child?

Omelette with ham, chives and cinnamon sugar.

What food makes your soul sing?

Easy – chocolate.

Which kitchen utensil could you not do without?

Scissors for cutting pizzas and tarte flambées. After spending years wrestling with pizza wheels and various knives, I finally discovered a much simpler solution.

What ingredients do you always have in the fridge?

Soft goat's cheese. This is ideal for making hot and cold sauces or simply spreading on bread.

Who would you like to share a kitchen with?

Not so much a kitchen, but rather a bakery – Melissa Forti. She comes up with incredible cake creations and just looking at her baking book gives me immense pleasure.

Do you prefer to cook alone or with others?

I enjoy helping others cook but when I have a set idea of what I want to make, I prefer to cook alone.

Do you have a "secret ingredient" that gives your dishes that special edge?

Toasted seeds/nuts – whether you're garnishing a salad, pasta dish or tarte flambée, the right seeds/nuts will create an explosion of flavour and give the dish added texture.

What dish or ingredient have you recently rediscovered?

Hoisin sauce. This has its origins in Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine and instantly gives my dishes an Asian flair.

And which dish do you most like cooking?

Cakes of all kinds – I prefer baking to cooking. I'm a huge fan of chocolate. I particularly love making and eating brownies with raspberries.

My favourite meal depends on my mood and who's cooking.


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