What once was a hobby, has become much more.

Corinne and Bettina from nom-nom love the everyday, down-to-earth and pure cuisine and focus on seasonal and local products.

What dish have you discovered recently?

Shakshuka – and a number of variations on it. The dish is the national dish of Israel and consists of eggs poached in a sauce with tomatoes, chilli and onions. It makes a great breakfast or afternoon snack. 

How do you create your recipes?

We usually begin with a seasonal product as a starting point. From there, there are other important elements to bear in mind like choosing which preparation method to use, achieving the right consistency, and of course, the aspect of colours and shapes. Everything must come together in harmony on the plate so that it becomes an exciting creation. 

How and where do you gather your favourite recipes?

With Pinterest and also using a notebook to jot down ideas – the old-fashioned way. 

Why did you start a blog?

It kind of developed all by itself. We simply did what we love to do. Passion is the most important ingredient for a successful project. 

Which cooking utensil can you not go without?

A kitchen’s not a kitchen without a good, sharp knife! Otherwise, our workplace is equipped quite simply. The kitchen could do with being a bit bigger!

What smell evokes a positive energy in you?

The smell of fresh baking – for example, a Sonntagszopf (plaited bread) or a crispy loaf of sour dough. We generally cannot wait to slice into some freshly baked bread!

What inspires you both?

Travelling and our growing cookbook collection.

We’re quite fussy about what we serve up to the table; we place a lot of emphasis on the essentials and high-quality products.

Corinne and Bettina

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